Leadership Development Courses

Each of the following leadership development courses listed may be customized in length and targeted to your audience. From a one hour keynote or 1/2 day session to an in-depth full day (or more) workshop, each course can be tailored to the specific needs or skill gaps of the client. Contact me to discuss your needs and consider what might be a good fit for you.


Know Thyself to Lead – The Foundation

1. Understanding Your Behavioral Style: Utilizing the time tested DISC personality profile to determine their dominant behavioral style, participants learn about themselves and their impact on others. They also begin to understand how behavioral styles influence how they convey information, and how to adjust their style to manage and communicate more effectively.

2. Understand Your Strengths and How to Use Them: Everyone has strengths, but knowing what they are and how to use them is the difference between good leaders and great leaders. Using the StrengthsFinder 2.0 assessment, participants will discover their strengths, how to build well rounded work teams, and will begin to compensate for their own leadership deficits.


Learn Then Lead – Mastering Leadership Competencies

1. Hire Right the First Time: Behavioral Interviewing: Few skills are more important to a manager or leader than the ability to hire the right people. Competency based behavioral interviewing is the most effective way to select the best candidates. Companies can dramatically reduce the cost of turnover and improve the quality of their workforce by adopting this best practice..

2. Coach More to Manage Less: The “old school,” top down management practices just don’t cut it anymore… particularly with Millennials who will comprise half of the workforce by 2020. Leaders and managers learn to coach, guide, and develop their teammates. Critical skills are learned in this class to transform the supervisory relationship with employees.

3. Managing Up: Get on the Same Page: Unless you are at the top of the pyramid, learning how to manage your boss is crucial for success. Participants will learn strategies and tactics to manage the relationship with their boss more effectively. Additionally, they will be prepared to have a discussion with their boss over how to measure success. This course can be customized to the competencies your company uses to evaluate its employees, or I will provide the critical skills alignment criteria.

4. Nine Things Successful People Do Differently: Adapted from Succeed, a book written after years of research by the industry’s leading organizational psychologist, the course dives specifically into strategies and tactics necessary to perform at higher levels. The class includes an assessment and individual work plan to accelerate the growth of each participant.

5. Become the Employer of Choice – Employee Engagement: The war for talent is becoming more intense as boomers retire, the job market improves, and the available labor pool decreases. The smartest companies understand they must develop a highly engaged workforce to improve safety, productivity, and profitability by reducing safety incidents, absenteeism and turnover. Participants learn the specific roles of a leader and the two most important drivers of engagement: employee well-being and employee development.

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