HIRE UP Podcast Series

HIRE UP Podcast

The HIRE UP Podcast was created by John Beck to bring people together, share knowledge, have fun, and help people take their business to a higher level. The show is dedicated to the latest news, interviews and updates on everything HR. Craig Juengling serves as a regular guest on the show’s Expert Panel. Please join the community at www.hrhireup.com.

The creator, John Beck has 25 years of experience in Management, Human Resources and the Employee Assessment Industry. In addition to hosting the HIRE UP Podcast, John is the CEO of The Assessment Company®. He founded the company with one goal in mind; to share his knowledge and spread the word about “Occupational DNA®” and how the ODNA® process can provide meaningful measurable results. John and his team have helped hundreds of clients understand their people and how they will perform on the job.

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